Based in London, Ontario, Canada, Saint Asylum Productions combines the creative aspirations of Jeremy Chaulk and Rob Kuizenga. In 2009, Rob played guitar on a few tracks for Project Juggernaut's debut album, Technoir, which lead to him contributing fully on their 2012 album, Ink Sonata. The success of that collaboration saw Jeremy produce and mix the 2014 EP Devoured for Rob's band, Dwell in Horror. In 2016, Rob became a full-time member of Jeremy's solo project,  KILURX.
   The pair has consistently taken on more roles both individually and together to create the music they want to hear and the music they want to share. After 7 years of playing, recording, mixing and singing, Rob and Jeremy decided to bring their talents and experience together to form Saint Asylum Productions.
   Saint Asylum brings their various endeavours under one banner and leaves room for the diversification of music and projects that has always fuelled them, whether solo, together or with other artists. Their latest release, the first under Saint Asylum, is the 2017 album MELU by KILURX and the accompanying video for the song Divide, which was shot, edited and directed under Saint Asylum Productions. The success of that project means that new music from Dwell in Horror, KILURX and The Vaya Project are already underway.

   2018 has seen Saint Asylum Productions expand into digital art and augmented reality prints (AR).