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July 6th 2018

Series 04 is now available in the store. Discounts on all merch and Series 01-03 prints are $5 for the month of July.

May 6th 2018

Series 02 and 03 prints along with the new Brutal Eyes T-Shirt have been added to the store.

Latest News

April 23rd 2018

Brand new remix of a KILURX tune.

February 3rd 2018

Series 01 Prints have now been added to the store.

December 21st 2017

Happy Holidays. Here is a free sampler of music we created before we started Saint Asylum Productions.

November 14th 2017

The Vaya Project comes out of retirement.

October 25th 2017

We cover NIN's Terrible Lie

August 20th 2017

A short intro that Rob wrote for his buddy FEAR.

July 10th 2017

It's been a while since we dropped an industrial remix, so here's one of the awesome band 3TEETH.

May 1st 2017

Divide was played on the latest broadcast of Bloodlit Radio. Check it out.

April 9th 2017

Check out our latest video by KILURX. 

December 11th 2016

I always wanted to remix Moby and I finally got the chance :)